Senior Program Manager, COMPSTAT for Justice
Product Manager, Data-Driven Interventions
Program Manager, Product Discovery
Director of Research & Development, Product Discovery
Senior Research Scholar, Data-Driven Interventions
Senior Director, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Public Health Implementation Specialist
Community Engagement Manager, COMPSTAT for Justice
Community Engagement Project Coordinator
Administrative Assistant, Operations
Associate Program Manager, Data-Driven Interventions
Community Engagement Coordinator
Data Acquisition Specialist, Account Management & Implementation
Project Manager
Editorial Associate, Data-Driven Interventions
Portfolio Manager
Quantitative Research Methodologist, Product Discovery
Relationship Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Administrative Assistant, COMPSTAT for Justice
Policy Specialist, Policy
Implementation Specialist
Data Acquisition Specialist, Account Management & Implementation
Data Analyst Manager, Data-Driven Interventions
Research Coordinator, Science
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Administrative Associate, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Policy Associate, COMPSTAT for Justice
Data Acquisition Specialist, Account Management and Implementation
Vice President, Product Discovery
Data Manager, Data-Driven Interventions
Lead Engineer, Data-Driven Interventions
Senior Director, Triage Response Team
Senior Data Analyst, COMPSTAT for Justice
Senior Research Associate, Product Discovery
Data Policy Associate, Policy
Community Engagement Research Associate, COMPSTAT for Justice
Implementation Specialist, COMPSTAT for Justice
Senior Development Director
Senior Director, Finance
Data Science Director, Data-Driven Interventions
Data Developer, Data-Driven Interventions
Director of Evaluation Research, Product Discovery
Government Affairs Principal, COMPSTAT for Justice
Senior Director, COMPSTAT for Justice
Data Acquisition Manager, Account Management & Implementation
Data Analyst, Science
Vice President, Triage Response Team
Community Engagement Coordinator
Law Enforcement Agency Recruiter
Vice President, Data-Driven Interventions
Director of Implementation & Research Strategy, COMPSTAT for Justice
Policy Associate, Policy
Data Science Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Community Engagement Coordinator
Editorial Director, Data-Driven Interventions
Director, Administration
Senior Data Analyst, Product Discovery
Senior Project Manager, COMPSTAT for Justice
Program Manager, Science
Data Analyst, COMPSTAT for Justice
Implementation Specialist
Senior Director of Policy
Policy Associate, Data Driven Interventions
Executive Assistant, COO
Relationship Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Implementation Specialist
Senior Administrative Associate
Senior Research Scientist
Executive Assistant, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Human Resources Generalist
Data Analyst, Science
Senior Project Manager, Communications
Public Health Director, COMPSTAT for Justice
Senior Project Manager, Data-Driven Interventions
Senior Director of Administration
Community Engagement Generalist
Implementation Specialist Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Policy Associate
Data Analyst, Data-Driven Interventions
Program Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives
Deputy Senior Vice President, Justice Initiatives