Charmin J. Leon, MPA

Charmin Leon serves as the Senior Director of the COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J) program at the Center for Policing Equity. She leads a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, policy analysts, community engagement and government specialists. The C4J team works with police departments, providing assistance in identifying any disparate policing outcomes by utilizing qualitative and quantitative analyses. The team then supports the LEA, their community and governmental officials in utilizing the findings to implement recommendations that reduce the risk factors associated with racial disparities.

Prior to joining the Center for Policing Equity in August of 2020, Charmin served over 12 years at the Cleveland Division of Police in Ohio; working patrol, investigating complaints of officer misconduct, overseeing the personnel and background investigation units and finally, establishing and leading the City of Cleveland’s Public Safety Recruitment Team for Police, Fire and EMS. As a certified instructor and facilitator of Procedural Justice, Charmin found her love and understanding of the behavioral science research demonstrating unequivocally that the systems and situations in which people spend their time are far better predictors of behavior than any attitudes they may hold individually, leading her to CPE.

A native of Chicago, IL, Charmin lives in Cleveland, OH.