Brittenay Causieestko-Lee

Brittenay Causieestko-Lee joined the Center for Policing Equity in April 2021. As part of the COMPSTAT for Justice team, she will be building relationships and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders to establish and restore healthy relationships between the community and law enforcement. 

She is originally from Southern California. She currently lives in Charlotte, NC. Brittenay has over 15 years of working in communities and building relationships with local officials, community leaders, and community members to address underlying issues such as affordable housing, gentrification, and police-community tensions. Before coming to CPE, Brittenay has spent her career advocating for racial and social justice with the Greater Charlotte and surrounding communities. Her years of experience in nonprofit has made her an agent for change as she continues to transform policies and procedures to create equity for all.

She has her BA in Sociology and is currently obtaining her Masters in Public Administration. Brittenay also serves on several boards and communities such as the Citizens Review Board because she believes that in order to be part of the change, you must be at the table and a part of the decision making.  

In her free time, she loves to travel, volunteer, attend festivals and hang out with her Great Dane, London.