Michelle Stack

Michelle Stack, Senior Administrative Associate, Triage Response - is the assistant to Hans Menos, Vice President, Triage Response, and Robert Kenter, Senior Director, Triage Response. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with various certifications in early childhood development and IT planning systems. She comes to CPE with over 20 years administrative, research, and project planning experience and has a passion for social justice and reform. Since joining CPE, Michelle has supported in the standing up of the new Triage Response vertical where CPE’s reimagining public safety work is being done.

Some social issues that are closest to Michelle’s heart include solving for poverty and homelessness, access to health and mental health services for all, building up the LGBTQ community, and amplifying the voices of all vulnerable communities.

Michelle is a Colorado native and an enthusiastic foodie, when she is not working, you can find her cooking, eating, or hanging out with friends and family anywhere in nature.