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February 02 2023

When "Public Safety" Is Public Endangerment: Tyre Nichols, Traffic Stops, and Racialized Terror

The brutal killing of Tyre Nichols at a traffic stop comes against a history of similar police violence, rooted in centuries of racialized terror. Fewer badges and guns in traffic enforcement will save lives.

January 19 2023

The Adultification of Black Children

Black children in the United States are routinely held to adult standards. The impact has been devastating for generations of Black communities.

January 05 2023

Roe Wasn't The Only Thing SCOTUS Overturned Last Year

2022 was a disastrous year for civil rights in the U.S. The gutting of Miranda rights went largely unnoticed in the uproar around the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, but both presage continued erosion of vital protections.

December 22 2022

Law Enforcement and the White Supremacists Within

Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have long warned of the entanglement between White supremacist groups and law enforcement agencies. The Jan 6 Committee Final Report underscores the threat to public safety. It’s past time to act.

December 15 2022

Redesigning Public Safety on the Roads

Traffic stops are among the most common interactions people have with police but enforcement is persistently discriminatory. Our recent White Paper offers strategies for building road safety systems that are just, equitable, and safe.

December 12 2022

The Root Cause of Violent Crime Is Not What We Think It Is

In a Guest Essay in The New York Times, CPE Co-founder and CEO Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff argues that “tough-on-crime” policies don't keep people safe—but building strong communities does. And voters know it.

December 08 2022

The Fiction of a Good Guy with a Gun

The idea that only “good guys with guns” can stop gun violence has always been fiction. In the wake of the horrific Club Q shooting, CPE’s Max Markham exposes the myth for what it is—and offers real public safety solutions.

November 18 2022

St. Louis Redesigns Public Safety

Community members in St. Louis have worked for years to redesign their public safety systems; CPE was proud to partner with stakeholders to study those systems and offer science-based recommendations for change.

November 15 2022

Not a Goal Met, But A Vital First Step

CPE’s Hans Menos writes that a recent audit of the Philadelphia Police Department validates what Black and Brown residents have said for years: the city’s public safety system is fundamentally inequitable and their communities do not feel safe.