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Black and Brown people in this country face violent, racist, and unjust police behavior perpetuated by biased policies, legislation, and public safety systems.

The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) gathers and analyzes data on behaviors within public safety systems and uses those data to help communities achieve safer policing outcomes. Our goal is to make policing less racist, less deadly, and less omnipresent.

Contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals like you power all of our work. Your support is critical to helping CPE partner with our most vulnerable communities—particularly Black and Brown communities—to reimagine their public safety systems.

We need YOU—will you join us?

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If the presence of armed officers is a constant in tragic outcomes, that should prompt us to ask: Where can we do without them?

Dr. Phillip Atiba Solomon (f.k.a. Goff)
Co-Founder and CEO of CPE




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We are research scientists, race and equity experts, data virtuosos, and community advocates, using data as tools to design more efficient, effective, and equitable systems to keep people safe. It is critical that we begin with strong law enforcement and community partnerships—but we need you too.

Justice Nerds are a band of citizens not afraid to stand and show their commitment to stopping racial bias before it starts. Justice Nerds are the ones that stave off the temptation to despair, when it seems that progress is in retreat.

The time to stand up for more fair, just, and equitable public safety systems is now. Together, we will reduce violence, combat racial disparities, and save lives. Become a Justice Nerd today.

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