Why CPE: In Their Own Words

“Dreaming of a better future is necessary, but not enough. I work at an organization that both dreams and does—and has built a path that connects our daily work to our generational hopes.” 

David Martin, Data Science Director, Data-Driven Interventions


Hear from CPE Staff Why They Love Working Here

“CPE makes me feel heard, seen, and included. I'm proud to work for a company that's hungry for change.”
Sheila Hendizadeh, Recruiter

“I have close family members doing time in the criminal justice system and, most importantly, I'm raising a young Black boy. I'm proud to work for a Black-led organization using data to make Black and Brown communities safer.”
D'Angelo Bailey, Major Gifts Officer

“I spent 27 years as a police officer and recognize that the good services that policing provides are always overlooked by the systems that cause Black and Brown communities to experience intentional and unintentional social, economic, and physical harm. CPE addresses these problems without vilifying the police or the community. CPE's mission aligns with my hopes to help police departments develop wholesome partnerships with their communities, and to change their policing models to promote being public servants, not warriors.”
Niles R. Wilson, Implementation Specialist Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives

“It is extremely refreshing to work at an organization that cares about improving our world. I am proud to work with team-members who share my goals and values at an organization that so clearly and demonstrably values their staff members. CPE's science based, data driven approach to advocacy means that we call for change not just because we believe in it but because we can demonstrate that the facts back up our position.”
Robert Kennedy, Lead Engineer, Data-Driven Interventions

“Our country talks about liberty and justice for all, which is not true, especially in public safety and access. An organization's leadership should look like the community being impacted by the cause. Who knows best? They do, and they often have the most informed and workable solutions. What inspires me is the passion that each of my co-workers has for the cause. For the first time in my NPO professional life, everyone I work with wants the same thing - to improve public safety. It's more than a paycheck; it's our ethos.”
Shannon Slavan, Associate Development Director

“I'm fully aware that inequity exists across multiple spaces - financial, housing, education, healthcare, etc. While the other spaces are absolutely important and have negative impacts on Black and Brown lives, "policing" inequity seems to pose the most immediate threat to life itself. For that reason, I'm proud to be a part of a group (CPE) that's looking for ways to mitigate, and ultimately, eliminate this unnecessary, and yet persistent threat to Black and Brown lives.”
Angelia Young, Program Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives

“During my junior year of college, while I was studying sociology and criminal justice, I joined an undergraduate research team and worked directly with a police department to look into community perception of local law enforcement and racial disparities in police contacts. Ever since then, I knew that I wanted to do more of that work and CPE presented me with that opportunity soon after I graduated.”
Steiner Houston, Data Acquisition Specialist, Account Management and Implementation

“Everyone at CPE shares the same vision, passion, and values as I do. We are dedicated to reducing harm, lifting up marginalized voices, and supporting underserved communities, which is what I care about most. I am so grateful to serve here.”
Michelle Stack, Senior Administrative Associate, Triage Response

“I came to CPE to use my research skills and criminological knowledge to benefit the public good, rather than private business, the prison-industrial complex, or locking them away behind academic paywalls.”
Jonathan Lloyd, Quantitative Research Methodologist, Product Discovery

“I was drawn to CPE's approach to using data to create actionable change. I could not imagine working in a sphere that was not cause-based, especially around racial justice in this country. I feel inspired by CPE's infinite energy for this issue, and how we never seem to lose the energy for our driving cause - communities!”
Price Nyland, Implementation Specialist, Triage Response Team

“The invaluable work of CPE is more critical now than ever before, and while its mission is what caught my eye, it was CPE's data-driven approach to change that inspired me to join the organization. I am proud to be fighting for justice, and grateful to be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals.”
Noah Fast, Manager, Donor Data and Analytics

“CPE is smart, good people fighting for a smarter, better world. I'm proud of the work we've done to bring law enforcement data into the public sphere. These analyses bring to light the systemic inequities that hurt our most vulnerable communities, and help ground next steps towards re-imagining public safety. ”
Tracy Kawabata-Perrett, Data Operations Manager

“I am inspired knowing my contributions working at CPE will play a part in transforming relationships between law enforcement and communities.”
Christopher Gallman, Implementation Specialist

“I believe that social justice cannot be achieved without leading with the facts. CPE's mission embodies this belief and relies on science to promote justice. I am proud of our work, and invested in our approach to prioritize facts over politics or preference.”
R. Nicole Johnson-Ahorlu, Vice President, Product Discovery

“I am drawn to CPE because when people ask how to make real strides towards addressing social justice issues, I want to contribute to answering the "how.”
Alisa Jimenéz, Project Manager, Product Discovery

“I am proud to work at an organization that is committed to doing rigorous, responsible science that centers equity and community safety. I feel lucky to work at an organization staffed with thoughtful problem-solvers from varied backgrounds and fields of expertise who all care deeply about helping communities thrive.”
Lauren Hagani, Research Coordinator, Science

“CPE takes villains and victors out of the conversation by looking at data and using it as a tool. Police and communities are invited to a table to discuss solutions to those problems and recognize one another's humanity. I get to take my 20 years in law enforcement and my passion for social justice and racial equity to work every day to make a difference in the lives of people who don't have a voice, give them access to the language to make their concerns known, and help our world be a little more just.”
John Monaghan, Consultant, Law Enforcement Initiatives

“I have worked at CPE for over 8 years, and have been inspired to watch it grow and evolve - alongside the changing landscape of race and public safety. I started this work because of my passion for increasing racial equity, but have remained with CPE for so long because of the amazing warriors for justice I work besides everyday here.”
Nina Crane, Associate Program Manager, Data-Driven Interventions

“During the summer of 2020, I was moved like most people were by the murder of George Floyd. At the time, I was in federal law enforcement and I was the front line for many protests speaking to community members, crying with them, praying with them. And I just didn't feel I was doing enough. The intersectionalities of being a black man and being in law enforcement weighed heavy on me, and I wanted to make a bigger impact in the black community but also work on reforming the law enforcement career field. CPE allows me to do both.”
Sean Eldridge, Implementation Specialist Manager, Law Enforcement Initiatives

“I'm proud to work at CPE because not only do we clearly state our values, but we live them out in everything that we do, both internally and externally. I'm inspired by CPE's continuous drive to do quality, impactful work in ways that meaningfully engage all stakeholders (including and especially communities and advocates) through utilizing advanced technology and advancing the science of racial bias.”
V Thompkins, Data Analyst, Science

“As a sociology student, I learned about racially-disparate outcomes in policing and society generally. Then, I decided I wanted to make policing, a profession I've had a lifelong interest and passion for, more equitable and community-driven. At university, I discovered CPE - an organization that PERFECTLY aligns with my goal, allowing me to support that goal each and every day.”
Christopher Mebius, Data Acquisition Manager, Account Management & Implementation

“Working alongside communities to address inequities in policing systems brings me to CPE. Black and Brown communities are too often overburdened by policing practices. CPE inspires me to utilize social science and data practices to address inequitable systems.”
Don'te Franklin, Program Manager, Policy

“I come from a law enforcement family and have prior law enforcement experience. I chose to come to CPE because I feel it is a better fit for myself in order to make real change within police departments. I look to use my experience and knowledge of the inner workings of policing to assist in the reimagining of public safety.”
Evan Riddick, Implementation Specialist 

“What inspires me about CPE is that our work is grounded in the goal of Black liberation. With every bit of research and every data point we analyze, each of us operates with that as our central cause.”
Shayna Pepin, Program Manager, Science

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