Community Engagement

CPE offers, amplifies, and advocates for solutions that center the expertise, priorities, and safety of Black and Brown communities. Through our community engagement work, CPE is focused on undoing the impact of White Supremacy and placing power in the hands of those most impacted by inequitable public safety systems. 

We work collaboratively with vulnerable communities to provide partnerships, products, and services that support their advocacy efforts, reduce harm done to their communities, and empower them to redesign their public safety systems. For more information about our community engagement work and to get involved, please contact us here.

Community Up

Community Up is designed to support community members interested in building equitable public safety systems that can exist beyond the burden and trauma of racist policing. This program provides data-driven insights that make policing’s most persistent problems easy to see, equipping community members with resources to advance their grassroots public safety work. Community Up is both a program and a space through which activists and policymakers can ideate, support one another, and advance public safety research and policy.



Unlocking Democracy is a community empowerment program and the central hub for CPE’s community-centered resources, initiatives, and interactive working groups. This program is designed to empower stakeholders seeking to build more equitable public safety systems through various learning communities, adaptive community resource hubs, and more.


Substantial and effective change in our collective approach to public safety can only be driven by community voice.

Max Markham
Vice President of Policy and Community Engagement