R. Nicole Johnson-Ahorlu, PhD

Nicole Johnson-Ahorlu serves as the Vice President of Product Discovery at the Center for Policing Equity (CPE). In this capacity, she oversees Research & Development, as well as Programmatic Innovations, that undergird CPE's data-driven interventions in public safety. Since joining CPE in 2015, her efforts have helped launch three vertical divisions within the organization, scale diagnostic tools to assess inequity, and develop data-driven interventions to address racial disparities in law enforcement outcomes.

Nicole specializes in mixed-method research design, strategy development, risk assessment, curriculum and professional development, and research instrument design. She uses these skills not only to assess and disrupt racism, but to educate and empower those in pursuit of racial justice, as well. She holds a Ph.D. in Education and an M.A. in African Studies, all from UCLA.