Marcus McKinney

Marcus McKinney joined the Center for Policing Equity (CPE)  in December of 2019, and brought with him his reputation as a valiant fighter for social justice and almost two decades of experience leading on critical issues in government, non-profit, and union organizations. McKinney is the Government Affairs Principal for the COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J) program, which was developed in 2020 to reimagine public safety by guiding law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve to collaboratively improve equity in policing.

Prior to CPE,  McKinney worked in the California State Legislature as lead consultant on public safety budget issues for two Assembly Speakers and then for the Assembly Budget Chair. He also worked for grassroots, faith-based and social justice organizations and played an instrumental role in the passage of landmark legislation to curb racial profiling and implement fair chance hiring pratices. He is a full-time, single dad to his 5-year-old daughter, and a self-proclaimed fantasy football guru.