We should be talking about the death of Mikayla Miller

May 15 2021

From the article: "...Miller’s family argues the investigation hasn’t been thorough or transparent. The assault is where the Miller family’s complaints about the investigation’s transparency begin. Violence in Boston Inc. released a statement on May 2 attributed to Strothers and alleging that the Hopkinton police logged neither the reported attack on Miller nor the discovery of her body.

“It’s highly unusual if there’s no notation on it. It’s downright suspicious,” said Phillip Atiba Goff, a Yale professor who previously founded the Center for Policing Equity. “It is incredibly distressing to imagine that our lives, and therefore our deaths, don’t rate to record — even when it’s clear indications that there is a homicide [or a suicide].”

A publicly available log generated and tweeted by the Hopkinton Police Department displays no information about either the assault or Miller’s death. One of the first incidents on the morning of April 18 is not a jogger finding a deceased teenager but two officers helping change a tire. (The department has not yet returned a call from Vox requesting clarification and confirmation.)..."

By Jamil Smith

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