Tyre Nichols beating raises scrutiny on ‘elite’ police units

January 21 2023

An Associated Press article highlighted how the death of Tyre Nichols exposed the use of brutal force by "elite" police units sent into communities to target crimes. The article quoted Hans Menos, Vice President of Triage Response at the Center for Policing Equity, who pointed out that aggressive police tactics have been ineffective in solving and deterring crime in the United States.

From the coverage: “'Obviously it’s a complicated issue, and they are responding to a tangible problem being whatever crime of the day they are formed to address — guns, gang violence, narcotics. But Memphis is not an outlier here,' said Hans Menos, vice president of the Triage Response Team at the Center for Policing Equity. 'I don’t see any other option we have as a country but to say this is not working. This is leading to pain, injury and death.'"

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