Rate of Latinos Killed by Police Skyrockets

May 30 2023

Axios covered new research published by the Journal of Community Health, an academic publication for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. The data study revealed that the rate of Hispanics killed by law enforcement officers saw an increase of nearly 45% in the last decade. CPE's Vice President of Policy & Community Engagement, Max Markham, spoke to Axios about the findings. The following is an excerpt from the coverage:

"Latinos have always known police killed Hispanics disproportionately but rarely had the consistent data to prove it, Max Markham, vice president of policy and community engagement at the Center for Policing Equity, told Axios.

"In the majority of cases, law enforcement themselves are the ones who determine the racial identity of people who they interact with. And that isn't always accurate."

Markham said more transparency and standardized data are needed to shape policy that would address police shootings.

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