Philadelphia Police body camera footage remains largely unreviewed

February 27 2023

Axios published its findings after its thorough investigation of the Philadelphia Police Department's use and documentation of body camera footage. The department spent more than $20 million on its body camera program, an initiative it launched to offer transparency and accountability to city residents. But an analysis by Axios found that thousands of officers violated bodycam policies, most for not turning on their cameras. Hans Menos, PhD, LCSW,  CPE's Triage Response Team Vice President, spoke to the outlet and illuminated issues of concern. 

The following is an excerpt from the article: "Hans Menos, former executive director of the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission, now with the Center for Policing Equity, said it’s not just a matter of finding a few “bad apples” for a department that has “systemic” issues. He criticized the department’s infrequent release of footage to the public. State law makes it nearly impossible for the public to obtain body camera footage unless it’s voluntarily provided by departments."

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