Governor Murphy Signs Seabrooks-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act

January 12 2024

New Jersey State Governor Phil Murphy recently announced the signing of the Seabrooks-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act. The bill, in part, establishes a Community Crisis Response Advisory Council, along with a companion community crisis response pilot program. CPE's Vice President for Policy & Community Engagement, Max Markham was quoted in the announcement as follows:

"No one feels the impacts of police violence, mental health crises and racial disparities more than those in communities where these incidents occur.  Recognition of the brilliance that exists within communities, and meeting the moment with funding and training opportunities, is an important first step towards healing. The investments made in the Seabrooks-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act are critical steps towards holistic public safety solutions, and we thank the bill's Assembly and Senate sponsors as well as the Governor for prioritizing these solutions," said Max Markham, Vice President for Policy & Community Engagement at the Center for Policing Equity.

Read the full announcement on the website.