Former MPD officers lose ability to police months after being charged with egregious crimes, accused of misconduct

December 14 2023

 Action News 5, a local news station in Memphis, Tennessee, covered the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST) decision to ban seven police officers from carrying badges statewide after a multi-year list of misconduct allegations was finally addressed.

According to Action News 5, "Among the officers who were decertified at a hearing in Nashville on Thursday was a man convicted of statutory rape and an officer who pled guilty to child pornography."

The below is an excerpt from the news coverage:

“It’s a huge problem,” said Hans Menos with the Center for Policing Equity.

He said while some officers deserve second chances, others do not.

“There are degrees where, at some point, you’ve forfeited your right to be a police officer,” he said. “Actively harming someone to a criminal point, I think you’ve forfeited your right to be a police officer. Beating people, violating civil rights to a point, all forfeit your rights to be a police officer.”

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