After catching escaped murderer, officers took a photo with him. Experts say that was inappropriate

September 13 2023

The Associated Press published an article on the controversial photo taken after the capture of prison escapee Danelo Cavalcante in Pennsylvania. The leaked image showed a visibly injured Cavalcante surrounded by a large number of uniformed officials and police dogs. Calvalcante was captured after a 14-day search where locals were concerned after the convicted murderer was confirmed to be armed and dangerous. CPE Senior Director of Law Enforcement Initiatives Niles Wilson was interviewed by the publication:

For Niles R. Wilson, the senior director of law enforcement initiatives at the Center for Policing Equity and a retired police captain in Newark, New Jersey, these celebratory photos are reminiscent of photos taken during the Civil Rights era depicting police brutalizing people in order to suppress them.

“It is not appropriate. It is not ethical. It’s really inhumane,” Wilson said. “I wish I could give you a reason that this happens. In my law enforcement experience I know how amped up police can get, but that’s not an excuse to mistreat someone.”

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