Players Coalition Charitable Foundation Awards $350,000 Grant to the Center for Policing Equity

January 30 2019

Today, ahead of Super Bowl LIII, the Players Coalition Charitable Foundation awarded $350,000 to Center for Policing Equity (CPE).

Players Coalition Charitable Foundation, is a collective of both current and former National Football League (NFL) players focused on raising awareness around critical social justice and racial equity issues. Center for Policing Equity, is a research and action think tank, that takes an evidence-based approach to social justice. Specifically, CPE uses advanced analytics to diagnose disparities in policing, and shed light on police behavior.

“At Center for Policing Equity, we know that racism is more than a closely-held belief. It’s the accumulation of behaviors that result in unfair policing outcomes—usually for Black and Brown communities and especially the youth. By looking at racism as a behavior, we can measure it and find solutions to address it,” said Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, Co-founder and CEO of Center for Policing Equity. The grant will allow CPE to further enhance COMPSTAT for Justice, a data tool that tracks police behavior to help law enforcement agencies to reduce racial disparities in policing. COMPSTAT for Justice also tracks police stops, uses of force data, and survey data. By combining these data with census data and other geospatial data, CPE can pinpoint and differentiate the portion of racial disparities police cannot control (e.g., poverty) and the portion they can (e.g., policies).

“We know from our research that Black and Brown boys are more likely to be stopped by police and are the targets of disproportionate uses of force,” added Dr. Goff. “Players Coalition has helped place this issue at the forefront of public consciousness. We are thankful to Players Coalition Charitable Foundation for their generous support.” “Our communities desire better relationships with law enforcement,” said Doug Baldwin, Players Coalition Task Force Member and wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. “We know CPE’s ability to help build these relationships through the use of data analyses and behavioral science. We look forward to working with them to continue to help communities and departments understand the sources of racial disparity and advocate for reforms that reduce it.”