Center for Policing Equity on Withdrawal From Partnership with Seattle PD

June 25 2021

The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) has withdrawn from its work with the Seattle Police Department, including the department’s participation in CPE’s COMPSTAT for Justice program. CPE hopes to resume this partnership one day when the department has the capacity to devote the resources necessary for this important work. 

CPE takes great pride in our analytic rigor and the application of science. Our values drive us to use a data-driven approach to analyzing and identifying the root causes of racial disparities in law enforcement. This work requires a substantial dedication of resources and constant collaborative work between our law enforcement partners and CPE, and a deep commitment to racial justice work on the part of our partner agencies. 

As always, CPE will continue to assess existing partnerships with law enforcement agencies. CPE is committed to being helpful, useful, and impactful in the communities where we work and encourages all communities to do the work necessary to reimagine a public safety system that leads to safer, healthier, more just communities.


About Center for Policing Equity: As a research and action organization, Center for Policing Equity (CPE) produces analyses identifying and reducing the causes of racial disparities in public safety. Using data-driven approaches to social justice, we use science to create levers for social, cultural, and policy change. Center for Policing Equity also holds a 501(c)3 status.