The radical idea to reduce crime by policing less, not more

March 10, 2021

By Josh Jacobs

From the article: "...As Tracie Keesee, senior vice president of the Center for Policing Equity, sees it, the goal is to find “the sweet spot where we’re not overburdening one community, yet we are providing [services] differently” in different places. Dismantling the police could hurt the poorest communities, including many minorities. “I’m not satisfied with just saying that’s the collateral damage,” she says. Keesee is calling to rethink the role of officers, acknowledge racial injustices, and spread new models of public safety informed by local people.

Experiments, evidence and technology alone are never going to solve the kinds of racial and economic inequities that persist across society – and arguably the police only have a limited role to play in this fight. Lum and others in this field are confident that, when carefully used, evidence-based policing’s toolbox – including experiments to understand which policing tactics work and which don’t and qualitative analysis of what communities want – is important for deciding a new model of policing. One thing she and colleagues are sure of: policing that focuses on arrests and force as its main tools is not the way forward..."

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