Conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in murder of George Floyd sparks relief, hope — and resolve — in Connecticut

April 20, 2021

By Zach Murdock and Daniela Altimari

From the article: "...The large, peaceful demonstrations in Connecticut drove state lawmakers to approve a series of police accountability measures, including a plan to create a new inspector general to investigate fatal police shootings. There has also been renewed focus on issues that perpetuate inequality in the state, including housing and education.

Chauvin’s conviction “may be just, but it is not justice” because it does not alone change the overall justice system and much more work lies ahead, said Yale professor Phillip Atiba Goff, who co-founded the Center for Policing Equity.

“Holding one murderer accountable does not deliver justice for George Floyd and other victims of state-sponsored violence; only holding ourselves accountable for creating and maintaining the system that enabled Chauvin can bring us any closer,” Goff said..."

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