When Police Put Use-of-Force Decisions Under a Microscope

March 15 2024

An article published in the magazine The Good Men Project examines whether the work of Northern Colorado police investigators of assessing use of force (UOF) by police officers actually leads to more police accountability. Dr. Hans Menos, the Vice President of the Triage Response Team at the Center for Policing Equity (CPE), remarks that while this unique process of having a team of investigators from different agencies reviewing UOF makes data more accessible, it does not ensure accountability. The following is an excerpt:

The level of access to information that the Larimer County process creates is rare.

“This is a giant step in the right direction,” says Hans Menos from the national Center for Policing Equity, where he leads a national team looking to redesign public safety. “You can get more in this county than you can get in a lot of other places.”

But because it focuses on legality, he thinks it falls short of truly ensuring accountability.

“It is gaslighting the community to suggest that if it’s within the law, it meets their needs,” he says.

Read the full article on The Good Men Project’s website.