The Tyre Nichols Videos Demand Solemnity, Not Sensationalism

January 27 2023

A Time article discusses the release of videos showing the police shooting of Tyre Nichols and calls for a focus on humanizing his death rather than sensationalizing the footage for a political agenda. In it, Max Markham, CPE’s Vice President of Policy and Community Engagement, spoke about how policies that prompt officers to disproportionately target black drivers are racially disparate. 

From the coverage: “But three things, Max Markham, vice president of policy and community engagement at the Center for Policing Equity, told me before the tapes were released today, are clear. Black drivers in multiple cities are significantly more likely than white drivers to be subjected to a traffic stop, traffic stops are the genesis of a large share of incidents that lead to a use of force, and when Black Americans do come in contact with police, they are also significantly more likely to have some type of force used upon them than white Americans.”

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