Rising Crime Rates in Urban Environments

July 26 2022

Hans Menos, the Vice President of the Triage Response Team at the Center for Policing Equity, joined Don Lemon Tonight to discuss how violence is more likely to occur in places with less opportunities, more depression, more racism, and more oppression. During the panel, Menos spoke about how gun access, poverty, and crime are interlinked to police brutality. He also argues we should think of alternative responses like balance interruptive programs instead of only calling in the police to address crime.

From the coverage: “ There are balance (ph) interruptive programs. There's a lot of programs that can think about this way upstream and far less of a punitive response that says, well, we're going to put police officers there. And ideally, those police officers will either use their handguns or use their handcuffs to address this problem. We're really beyond that. I think we need to start thinking about that in a whole different way. This is one of those problems that we have to get far more creative on than throw in policing problems.”

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