People Expected Police Behavior to Change After George Floyd’s Murder. The Numbers Tell a Different Story

May 13 2021

From the article: "...There are many reasons to doubt that these numbers will improve any time soon, especially given new waves of high-profile police killings, local legislation to protect police, and another reversal in public opinion regarding Black Lives Matter. Some activists see no change in police use of force in their city. But others say that many of their proposed reforms are slowly being implemented across the country with positive results—and that Floyd’s death will continue to have an impact on policy and perception for years to come. “A lot of things are just rolling out: we didn’t get here in a year and it’s not going to be finished in a year,” says Tracie Keesee, the co-founder and Senior Vice President of Justice Initiatives at the Center for Policing Equity. “You do see some movement—but it all highlights how complex this is, and how much work truly still needs to be done..."

By Andrew R. Chow

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