How Police Reports Became Bulletproof

May 26 2021

From the interview: "NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Phillip Atiba Goff, Center for Policing Equity co-founder and professor of African-American studies and psychology at Yale, on the role police reports in news coverage."

SHAPIRO: "I mentioned the details that were in the first police statement after Floyd's murder. What information typically gets left out of these kinds of police reports?"

ATIBA GOFF: "So it's a great question. And we obviously don't know. You can't have a record of the things that don't exist. But what we do know is that in city after city, there are communities that are concerned that the elements that police are responsible for, especially when there's a bad outcome, are left out because oftentimes in the worst of those situations, the only person left alive to record the incident is the person that did the dirt."


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