Investigators Waited 6 Days To Secure Footage Of CMHA Police Shooting

June 08 2021

From the article: "Former Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank, now the vice president of law enforcement strategy at the Center for Policing Equity, said it should have been taken from the office the same day as the shooting, the following morning at the latest."

“I don’t know what excuse you could give for not doing that,” Burbank said. “There’s really none. You know? Too busy? None of this flies. If there was a piece of evidence that covers what’s going on, why wouldn’t you grab that as soon as you can?”

“Evidence is weighed in court as to how quickly it was secured and gathered and noted,” Burbank said. “So the longer you wait on that thing, that allows the question: Did somebody tamper with it? Did someone else have access to it?”

By Matthew Richmond

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