Excessive Use of Force: Diagnosing Our Over-Policing Problem

February 01 2023

In "The Problem with Jon Stewart" Podcast, Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff discusses how armed cops for minor traffic stops can escalate violence, highlights the impact of institutional racism on law enforcement, and advocates for investing in human infrastructure as a solution to curb police brutality. 

From the coverage: “So we want the behaviors to change. We can put folks in different situations which is to say we need to not have law enforcement responding to places where we don’t want a badge and a gun as a potential consequence. We have to look at the fact that these systems are incredibly well-funded. In Memphis, for instance, it's 38% of the municipal budget. It’s not that it’s poorly funded and they’re poorly trained. It’s that we’re spending a bunch of money to have them do exactly what we ask them to do.”

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