Changing Behavior, Not Beliefs

February 13 2022

Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, CEO of the Center for Policing Equity, discussed on NPR's Hidden Brain episode titled "Changing Behaviors, Not Beliefs," his approach to addressing racial disparities in law enforcement by collaborating with communities and police departments. According to Dr. Goff, harm reduction is the key strategy for gradually transforming public safety by reimagining the role of law enforcement. He advocates for establishing alternative crisis response systems that can handle emergencies and reduce our reliance on law enforcement as the primary tool for crisis management.

From the coverage: “My hope is that's where we're headed in terms of keeping black communities safe. A step and a step and a step, and then a fall, a fall into a more prosperous country, a more equal country where folks have the resources they need to not have to call out in crisis in the first place. Where we send the appropriate resources, which are not always a badge and a gun when they do have a crisis and where all of these things we're doing to change the systems that we have don't impede the creation and the destruction of the systems that we need to move forward.”

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