Analysis Finds Police Workload Unequal Across St. Louis, Backs More 911 Civilian Response

April 20 2022

St. Louis Post Dispatch featured and analyzed the Center for Policing Equity’s report, which found police workload unequal across St. Louis and recommended that St. Louis PD rearrange office assignments to cover understaffed areas of the city. Hans Menos, the Vice President of CPE’s Triage Response Team, was quoted as saying that the St. Louis community was concerned about officer assignments and workload. CPE was also able to create a civilian response by identifying 19 call categories where community service officers could help out unarmed civilians instead of police. 

From the coverage: “ St. Louis police have been understaffed in districts covering downtown and large parts of North St. Louis compared with other areas of the city, a nonprofit-funded analysis found. The Center for Policing Equity, a nonprofit focused on partnering with public safety agencies to help spur reform, commissioned a review of five years of St. Louis police workload data and presented the city with a potential model for directing more 911 calls to civilians.”

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