CPE statement on the Monterey Park Mass Shooting in California

January 23 2023

We are deeply saddened by reports emerging from Monterey Park, CA concerning the mass shooting carried out at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio during Lunar New Year celebrations this past weekend.

Twenty individuals were shot, eleven fatally, others critically, by a gunman who was disarmed by bystanders even as he attempted to continue his carnage elsewhere. Ultimately, the shooter died by suicide when approached by police in his van.

CPE sends wishes for peace, comfort, and healing to those now recovering from injury, their loved ones, and all who must now mourn those who were killed. We stand in solidarity with the community of Monterey Park and everyone for whom such a heinous act of violence overwhelmed what should have been a time of shared celebration. Far too many in this country carry the physical and emotional scars born of our society's attachment to an ever-growing supply of firearms, whether victims of widely-reported mass shootings or the often under-reported shootings that take place on a daily basis.

Supporting communities in their efforts to achieve genuine public safety is the heart of CPE's work; news cycles marked by violence and mourning show the vital necessity of that work. Our still-unfinished democracy can only advance if we are able to successfully build together a foundation of shared responsibility, mutual trust, and bedrock safety. CPE will continue to work toward a more just, fair, and equitable society, toward a future in which such mourning will no longer be a regular part of the rhythm of our lives.