CPE Announces the Launch of the Elected Leaders Council

March 22 2023

The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) announces the launch of the Elected Leaders Council, a peer-to-peer learning community for elected officials from across the country dedicated to spearheading innovative efforts to take actionable steps toward true public safety reform. The Elected Leaders Council is the latest offering under CPE’s Unlocking Democracy program, a suite of community-centered resources rooted in the understanding that a government that remains centered on its people rests on a foundation of shared responsibility, mutual trust, and bedrock safety.

The inaugural Elected Leaders Council will comprise local elected officials from across the United States who demonstrated shared interest in achieving reform on limited police traffic enforcement, crisis intervention, schools, and community violence intervention. Participants will work collaboratively to develop strategies to enact and sustain reforms, fund initiatives, and receive support, including help identifying validators to help support their initiatives in their communities. The work will culminate in assistance with introducing new policies in their jurisdictions in one of the focus areas. 

"CPE firmly believes that policy can only be effective if informed by those closest to the issues it intends to serve," said  Michelle Feldman, CPE Director of Partnerships in Policy and Community Engagement. "The Elected Leaders Council is an important next step that builds on the work of Unlocking Democracy to bring together officials and staff members who can drive real policy change that reimagines public safety. We look forward to the insights local elected leaders can bring to this conversation as we continue this work with a focus on community interests."

Achievements born out of the Elected Leaders Council will parallel the community-grown efforts through the Unlocking Democracy Learning Communities for Policing Alternatives. The Spring 2023 cohort schedule offerings include:

  • ​​Traffic Safety: Building traffic safety systems that are less reliant on police enforcement and deliver safety for everyone on the road.
  • Crisis Systems: Enhancing crisis system alternatives through public health and community-centered approaches. 
  • Community Violence Intervention: Creating and supporting community violence intervention programs as alternatives to law enforcement. 
  • School-Based Diversion: Enhancing school-based diversion through public health and youth-centered approaches. 

Elected officials interested in joining the Elected Leaders Council can register for more information on our website.