Center for Policing Equity on the Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder

May 25 2021

Today, the Center for Policing Equity released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s lynching in Minneapolis, MN:

George Floyd was lynched one year ago today. Although Derek Chauvin has been held accountable by a jury of his peers, that outcome cannot mend the devastation that Floyd’s death caused his family, loved ones, the Minneapolis community, our nation, and the globe. 

The casual violence caught on video ignited a national firestorm, sparking one of the largest protest movements in history. People filled streets in cities across the country and around the world calling for long-denied change. They called for a wholesale reimagining of policing, of our public safety systems, and a rejection of the logic that insists that punishment is the only response communities - especially Black communities - should receive to crises too-long ignored. 

We at CPE understand the road to change is slow, arduous and challenging. We are working directly with communities and law enforcement partners nationwide to manifest a future centering on creating public safety systems that protect the lives of the most vulnerable so that they need not cry out for protection. Every day, we work toward a future where no one dies at the hands of those who are charged with  protecting them.

George Floyd’s death can not be in vain. That means our work remains unfinished—and we must remain undaunted by it.


About Center for Policing Equity: As a research and action organization, Center for Policing Equity (CPE) produces analyses identifying and reducing the causes of racial disparities in public safety. Using data-driven approaches to social justice, we use science to create levers for social, cultural, and policy change. Center for Policing Equity also holds a 501(c)3 status.