Working to build accountability, transparency and trust, CUPD turns to campus community, public safety experts

April 16, 2021

By Deborah Mendez Wilson

From the article: "...Tracie Keesee, a retired veteran Denver police officer and co-founder and senior vice president of justice initiatives for the Los Angeles-based Center for Policing Equity, is another one of Jokerst’s community partners. Keesee says CUPD is not alone in its efforts to become a more inclusive, accountable and transparent police department.

“Urban, rural, campus, transit––everyone is going through this period of reexamination right now,” says Keesee, who advocates for community-based strategies to end bias in public safety and provides advice to police departments and other agencies across the United States.

Keesee says the kind of initiatives Jokerst is leading are important because the campus police chief is proactively interacting with her core community, with students, faculty and staff..."

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