Mayor’s Plan to Abolish Police Department Will End in Disaster, City’s Ex-Chief Warns

March 16, 2021

By Tobias Hoonhout

From the article: "...Josh Young, who serves as deputy senior vice president of Justice Initiatives at the Center for Policing Equity, told National Review that Ithaca “engaged with us” and “asked us to serve as their thought partner” after Cuomo’s executive order.

“This is their city and their county, but we served mostly as facilitators and consultants and the thought partner from the outside,” he explained. The draft report describes the organization’s role as working to “provide process guidance and ensure organizational accountability.”

With that vision in mind, and in line with Cuomo’s order, the reform project sought “to promote equity in the data collection process” as well as “over-sample from specific communities” by targeting specific demographics — including African Americans, Latinos, LGBT individuals, homeless, and formerly incarcerated persons — to get their opinions on local police..."

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