Former Police Chief Says Proposed Reform Doesn’t Go Far Enough

April 22, 2021

By Matt Rascon, KSL TV

From the article: "In the wake of the jury’s verdict of Derek Chauvin, the former chief of the Salt Lake City Police Department says now is the time to make changes to policing.

Chris Burbank left the department six years ago and has since shifted his work to police reform with the Center for Policing Equity. KSL-TV sat down with him in an interview after the judge read aloud the verdict for Chauvin.

“Oh, it’s huge. It’s huge,” Burbank said. “We now need to take that and say, how are we going to change policing so you and I aren’t having this discussion a year from now.”

Over the last year and beyond, the conversation surrounding police reform has taken off. Activists and protesters have demanded more police oversight and accountability, more body cameras and bans on lethal weapons among other things. And many police departments have made some changes..."

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