Editorial: Racial disparities in St. Louis County policing require leadership and action

March 21, 2021

By Editorial Board

From the article: "...The study by the Center for Policing Equity found slight improvements in some areas over the three years covered. Black drivers accounted for 35% of the total stops in 2018, down from 40% in 2016. And after the county police department retrained its officers on the use of stun guns, county cops used them 46% less often. But the overall numbers still show more aggressive and violent policing of the county Black residents and visitors compared to whites, especially in north county.

County police still have a lot of work to do to earn back the Black community’s trust. The images of nonviolent protesters being teargassed and round up in the summer of 2014 still weigh heavily on race relations in the region. Meanwhile, several discrimination lawsuits brought by African-American police officers reflect the racial divisions that continue even within the county police department..."

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