Chief: Conviction is a step, not a leap

April 23, 2021

By Genoa Barrow

From the article: "...Chief Hahn says a class he teaches, “History, Bias & How We Got Here,” is having an impact, as is a Walk in My Shoes program that connects members of the department with area residents. The goal, he says, is to have officers doing the best job they can. He points to the importance of having implicit bias training at the academy level and utilizing technological advancements to monitor behavior. Partnerships that Hahn has instituted with the Center for Policing Equity and Stanford and Washington State universities also are enhancing the potential to improve.

“Anybody that says there’s no racism and racial issues in law enforcement in our history, is just either lying, or is naive,” Hahn said.  “Instead of acting like it hasn’t existed and there isn’t a reason why people don’t trust law enforcement, we need to own up to it..."

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