Anderson: Is this normal now? Can't we keep guns out of the wrong people's hands?

March 28, 2021

By R. Bruce Anderson

From the article: "...A day rarely goes by here without a threat, a robbery, a domestic “altercation” (the admini-speak that accompanies shootings and beatings is sometimes ludicrously opaque) or a simple murder involving guns. Guns of all sorts: singling out AR-15s is as silly as only investigating car-on-car “altercations” while singling out Edsels. People grab what’s to hand: .45s, .38s, rifles, shotguns, 22/20 gauge “over-and-unders," Schmeisser machine-pistols, black powder muskets. Firearms.

My friend Rob Kentor, a researcher at the Center for Policing Equity, sent me some numbers. In 2019, 15,440 people died of gun violence (independent of suicides). In our pandemic year of 2020, that number was 19,380. A savage upward trend. And this is day by day madness..."

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