John Monaghan III

Chief Monaghan (ret) began his career in law enforcement in 1999 as a patrolman in Lebanon New Hampshire, later in 2002 he worked as a State Trooper in rural New Hampshire. In 2012 John became the Chief of Police in Franconia where he worked hard to rebuild community trust and department credibility after the 2007 shooting of Cpl. Bruce McKay and Liko Kenny. In 2018 John became the Chief of Police in Moultonborough where he engaged his department to learn how to work in their community using the principals of procedural justice as a means to build legitimacy back into their department through the community’s eyes. John was fortunate to participate in Leadership Learning for Equity at University of New Hampshire as well as the New Hampshire Endowment for Health’s racial equity series working on issues of criminal justice reform. John has testified before the Governor’s panel on law enforcement reform. After retiring from police work John began consulting at All Aces Inc a Boston based racial equity firm where he facilitated focus groups and educational workshops specializing racial equity and it’s intersection with resilient people and organizational development. John holds a master’s degree from Antioch University in leadership and management and an undergraduate degree in resource management from Sterling College. John regularly teaches and presents on wellness, social justice causes and police-community relations. He was featured in the 2019 Nantucket Project documentary film “The Box”. John is married to his rock star wife Tricia and describes the secret to their marriage as "she likes me more than I like me.” In his spare time John enjoys riding bikes of all kinds, throwing his hat in the ring at local races and cross-country skiing during the winter months.