John Brindel

John serves as the Senior Research Methodologist on CPE's Product Discovery team, where he is responsible for designing and prototyping new analytic tools and techniques for use across the organization. John studied econometrics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands before spending several years working as a data scientist in the US government (OMB and GSA) and then as a senior data scientist at ING Bank in Amsterdam. He first worked with CPE as a contractor in 2017, then joined full-time in 2019. 

With an educational background in econometrics and nearly a decade of experience as a data scientist, John lends technical and data expertise to a wide array of programs across the organization. He is known for providing out-of-the-box solutions and innovative techniques for making the best possible use of policing data, and is actively working to incorporate new technologies into CPE's toolbox to keep the organization on the cutting edge of data science.