Scarlet Neath

Lead Writer, Data Driven Interventions

Scarlet Neath is the Lead Writer for Data Driven Interventions at theCenter for Policing Equity. In this role, she produces content related to CPE's National Justice Database, drawing on her experience writing about research and working alongside government actors to advance social justice.Prior to joining CPE, she provided technical assistance and wrote policy briefs for a network of newly-elected district attorneys atFair and Just Prosecution. She has also worked in the communications department of the Vera Institute of Justice, where she managed media relations. In these roles, she authored publications on a range of topics, with a focus on justice-system responses to the opioid crisis.Prior to joining the criminal justice reform movement in 2014, she began her career working in book publishing. She holds a B.A. from theUniversity of Texas at Austin and a Master of Public Policy with distinction from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. A native ofHouston, she lives in Brooklyn.