Fred Louis

Project Coordinator, National Justice Database

Fred is from New Orleans originally, he moved to Salt Lake City and started his law enforcement career in 1979 as a police officer with the University of Utah Police Department and then hired on with Salt Lake City Police Department in 1988.

During his career at Salt Lake City Police Department he worked in several assignments: a patrol officer, school resource officer, larceny detective, training officer in the police academy, Sergeant of the sex crimes unit, public information officer during the 2002 Winter Olympics and Lieutenant in Watch Command.

He found his passion as a training officer teaching new police cadets how to prepare for the position of becoming a police officer. Fred is a black belt in judo and found those skills beneficial to teach officers how to better protect themselves and the public on the street. He became Salt Lake City Police Department’s certified defensive tactics instructor and certified as a trainer of trainers.

Fred was the first Black American male promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Lieutenant in the history of Salt Lake City’s Police Department. After 28 years of law enforcement service, Fred retired in 2009.  With over 30 years of experience in Judo competition and coaching, he started his martial art business in 2010. He wanted to use Judo as the vehicle to develop strong individuals mentally, physically and socially.

Fred joined Center for Policing Equity National Justice Database team in March of 2017 in Salt Lake City. He finds the work beneficial to help police departments to improve their services internally and to develop better policing services for the community they serve.