Julie Macht

Senior Development Director

Growing up, I thought a lot about how to make life better for people suffering at the hands of society’s institutions. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I focused on criminal justice reform at a NYC think tank and realized that change in the public safety space, while incremental, could be substantial and profound. I became an attorney, working with law enforcement and helping socially and economically vulnerable people navigate the Bronx criminal court system. These early experiences as an ADA shaped the way I approached my career over the next 30 years, always balancing big picture policy work with on-the-ground people work. Whether I was providing guidance to young social justice activists, helping new parents get the mental health services they needed to nurture strong families, or protesting and advocating for inclusion, tolerance, and diversity, my life experience has drawn me to the fight for social justice. I am excited to bring my skills and experience to CPE to move our work forward.