Camille Beckles, PSPO

Camille Beckles is a founding member of the Data Driven Interventions (DDI) program at the Center for Policing Equity (CPE). Under her leadership, the DDI team produces meaningful, timely products that leverage data and analysis to empower CPE's partners to create more equitable public safety. Since joining CPE in 2017, Camille has helped the DDI team triple in size to meet the increasing demand for actionable data-driven products. 

Camille has been involved with social justice work for most of her life, but after witnessing the events in her hometown of Ferguson, MO in 2014, she was energized to make social justice her full-time job. Prior to joining CPE, she worked in the corporate technology sector, working at start-ups and larger companies. She brings more than a decade of project management and tech experience to her role, and is dedicated to building sustainable systems for her teams and for her community at large.