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A Tale of Six Cities

As we enter 2017, it’s impossible to forget the lives lost in the black community, as well as the law enforcement community. According to the The Washington Post, 233 African-Americans were killed by police in 2016; however, it should be dually noted that law enforcement officers also were killed in the line of duty by gunfire. Recent events are forcing law enforcement managers and community leaders to have hard and necessary conversations regarding race, equality and justice. Read more here.

Report: APD Used Force Against, racially profiled African-Americans More than Any Group

Austin police officers in 2015 stopped African-Americans more and used force against them more frequently than any other ethnic group, a new report shows.

The full annual report was released Tuesday by the Office of the Austin Police Monitor, which accepts and files public complaints as well as internal Austin Police Department complaints against the department’s 1,752 officers. The report shows statistics on the number, type and frequency of complaints filed against APD officers and offers recommendations for improving compliance. Read more here.

Panel on Police Arrest of Black Man Becomes Heated

Another racially charged incident involving police came to light recently when video was released of a 2015 arrest. Lawrence Crosby, a graduate student at Northwestern University and a black man, was tackled to the ground by multiple police officers after a 911 caller suggested he was trying to steal a car. Only thing is, it was Crosby’s car. Crosby is now suing the Evanston, Ill., Police Department. Read more here.