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Black People in Florida Much More Likely To Be Shot by Police, Investigation Confirms

You know about Trayvon Martin and how he died. But you probably haven’t heard of James Estes, 46, Benjamin Dykeman, 31, or Tyler Spann, 20, who were also fatally shot by police.

Their stories are now tallied in a database compiled in a Tampa Bay Times investigation showing Florida’s police shot 827 people in a six-year period. More than half were fatal. More were Black even though white people outnumber Black people 3 to 1 in Florida. Read more here.

NEWS RELEASE: In Letter, CBC Chairman Criticizes Attorney General for Review of Consent Decrees

WASHINGTON – Today, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA-02), sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions criticizing him for his decision to review consent decrees between the Department of Justice and police departments found to have a “pattern and practice” of violating civil rights. Read more here.

Traffic and Pedestrian Fatalities Are on the Rise; DOJ to Review Local Police Oversight; A Case for a New Better Tax System

  • Sheryl Gay Stolberg, domestic affairs correspondent for The New York Times, Jonathan M. Smith, executive director of the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs and former Obama Justice Department attorney, and Chris Burbank, director of Law Enforcement Engagement Center for Policing Equity, talk about the memo from Attorney General Sessions ordering a review of DOJ agreements with local police departments. Listen here.

Can Data Help End Racism In the Justice System? Google Is Donating Millions to Find Out

Google is doing its part to help combat racism in the criminal justice system by donating $11.5 million to 10 organizations.

The tech company’s charitable arm,, announced Thursday, Feb. 23 that it would double the $5-million gift to racial justice organizations it has granted since 2015. By investing in such groups, the company aims to collect data on police behavior and criminal sentencing to better understand how racism impacts nonwhite people who encounter the criminal justice system. Read more here.

Google pledges $11.5 million to racial justice causes

Google has pledged to invest $11.5 million in support of racial justice. The money will be split between 10 different causes, $5 million will be donated to the Center for Policing Equality.

“CPE’s National Justice Database is the first in the nation to track national statistics on police behavior, including stops and use of force, and standardizes data collection across many of the country’s police departments,” says Justin Steele, a principal. Read more here.